Lotka-Volterra simulator

Last update: 03-02-2023

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lotkavolterra_simulator is a python package that implements the data model described in section III of Leclercq (2022). It is a simulator of the Lotka-Volterra prey-predator system, with demographic and observational noise and biases.

lotkavolterra_simulator is written in python 3 and licensed under GPLv3. The code is publicly available on GitHub.

lotkavolterra_simulator is an optional dependency of the pySELFI code.

SELFI: primordial power spectrum inferenceSimulation of prey and predator population functions. Theoretical population functions are represented by solid lines, the unobserved signal by dotted lines, and the observations by dots.


To acknowledge the use of lotkavolterra_simulator in research papers, please cite the paper Leclercq (2022):